My answer is WeWine Nha Trang

I used to buy wine in super market , convenient store and wine shop in central of Nha Trang. The problem is they don’t have big wine collection, staffs don’t really know about wines and wines aren’t kept in good temperature. Until my friend introduced me about WeWine Nha Trang, this shop became my favorites wine shop.

The thing that makes me love the most about WeWine might be the staffs, they are very dedicated and knowledgeable about wine and the company – where they are working for. As I know, WeWine staffs usually have training on wine knowledge, they have chance to taste many wines, so they feel and understand the products quite well. Sometimes, when I come to buy wine during they have wine training, they also invite me to try their new wines, which is quite interesting and I have not seen in any wine shop in Nha Trang.

At WeWine, even as a consultant at the shop, the delivery guy, accountant or manager are also very cute. Every time I come, I am greeted with a big smile and do not forget to bring wine to my car when I leave. This makes me feel appreciated and because of that I always have a special affection for WeWine, even though the team is very young but always enthusiastic and professional.

In addition to good services, WeWine also has a huge wine collection, more than 1000 different wine and spirits products from 50 manufacturers from 10 countries, exclusively owned by WeWine in Vietnam market. That mean “if you drink a bottle of wine a day, it takes more than 3 years to try all WeWine wines”. Any famous wine region you can find here.

Prices are quite reasonable, vary range from cheap to expensive, easy to choose to suit your budget. However, at WeWine you can’t find any bottle  that costs less than 200,000, because WeWine’s business philosophy is “bringing the quintessence of world wine to Vietnam, and even the cheapest bottle must be really good and acceptable quality.”

Wine is always kept in good temperature with air-conditioned 24/7, so I am very assured about the quality of the wine inside, and if have any problems just report it to WeWine, it will be resolved satisfactorily. I believe that.

In addition, WeWine have many stores in Viet Nam: Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh and Phu Quoc. If you go anywhere, just call the sales person in charge and they will deliver to you. Very convenient!

Speaking of which, many people probably wonder why I understand WeWine so well? Having known this wine shop since 2017 when my friends bring me to WeWine, until now, I had many times to work with them, participate in wine tasting sessions or event at the shop, have the opportunity to meet even senior managers . Sometimes, I bring some food to the shop, sip a few glasses of wine and chat with WeWine team.

All of these things and my own experiences, I confidently say that “WeWine is the best and professional wine shop in Nha Trang”.

After 1 year of covid, being severely affected, I appreciate and love the WeWine team even more with their working attitude. WeWine also has many attractive offers this time, so I spend a little of my time to write something about WeWine to share with you my favorite wine shop.

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About WeWine Nha Trang:

Address: 147 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Loc Tho Wards, Nha Trang City; Khanh Hoa Province

Phone number: 0258.625.2524 (line 101) or 096 898 0262

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