If you come to Cam Lam district by air or ground transports, you clearly can be overwhelmed by impressive mango scene: mango everywhere!!! This experience could not be forgot when you came here. And I promise you that our windy-sunny-sandy mangoes would be helpful in order to make you came back another time. It would be a unique experience about Khanh Hoa province, Viet Nam.

Cam Ranh past and Cam Lam now is “the capital of Mango” of Khanh Hoa Province
Different kind of mango in Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province

Cam Lam District is suitable for growing mangoes, and in reality, the district has been a land of mangoes in Khanh Hoa Province. Improvement in planting has enabled farmers to grow many kinds of good-quality mangoes like Hoa Loc mango, Australian mango, etc. The mangoes of Cam Lam have been exported to many countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc. Products from mangoes like mango cake, mango jam, etc. are also favorite.

Trai nghiem vuon xoai Cam Lam
Tourist experiences mango farm near to Nha Trang City

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The First Tour – Cam Lam Local Life

Happiness in the harvest
R2E2 Mango in Khanh Hoa province

The australia joined ancient mango became a brand name of Cam Lam district.

Cam Lam is one of seven main districts of Khanh Hoa province in Vietnam. [The province also have two cities include Nha Trang and Cam Ranh – which you should spend time to discover it]. So, the district located especially between the two cities connected by the 1A national road. The northern meet Nha Trang city and the southern are near Cam Ranh city. Beside, Cam Lam meet Khanh Son district on the west side – this place is notable famous with “Sau rieng” [We will introduce more about it in the next topic later]

R2E2 Mangoes

Mango is a tropical fruit with typical smell, not tweet much. Its components includes mainly starch, sugar, vitamin C. Importantly, mango is not only good for pregnant women with high level of iron but also good for skin with vitamin A. Moreover, it could be helpful in lowering blood pressure. According to oriental medicine, mangoes could be treated as cure for several sicknesses.

Ancient mango tree. Big enough for several people arms hug

In Cam Lam, mango is one of main tree which could be expected as dynamic for local agriculture development, which in turn contributed for the overall district economy. Because of almost area covered by sand, Cam Lam got touch for growing trees. Statistically, 6 per 10 agriculture area are covered by mango trees. When you ask people about Cam Lam, they will tell you not only Bai Dai beach (Long beach) which spreads over in the east of the district but also Cam Lam mango. In 2016, Viet Nam has recognized Cam Lam mango as a brand name of local fruit. Cam Lam mangoes mainly comprise of Hoa Loc, Australia and ancient types. In which, ancient mangoes are oldest tree grown in Cam Lam about 30 to 40 years ago. Almost they are no longer productive anymore. Selling price at garden of ancient mango is about 7,000 VND per kilogram, Hoa Loc mango is around 30,000 VND and Australia one is 45,000 VND. Their price fluctuates during time rely on the supply of mango. In 2014, one kilogram of Australia mango could be sold about 140,000 VND to 150,000 VND [Not during main mangoes harvest]. So, more households have changed from ancient type into Australia one recently.

A australia mango looks like a big apple

Austrailia mango tree: In 2001, a High-tech Agriculture Center of Khanh Hoa brought it to Viet Nam and firstly grew in Cam Lam district. After research, the center chose Mangiferaindica (R2E3) mango joined with ancient mango for testing grow in garden from 2003. For several years, the joined mango trees had brought out a very good result. At the present, they have been grown over more than 800 hectare. Its strengths are not only about drought and insect-defense abilities but also big fruit. When it ripens, it get a strange color crust like yellow-pink-green and yellow inside, good smell. Its average weight varies from 0.5 kilogram to 1.6 kilogram for each. One tree can bring about 70 kilogram of mango. Typically, mango tree can be harvested after three year. And from the fifth years; they can bring a stable output from 8 tons to 10 tons per hectare. Farmers can get several million VND with the selling price ranges from 30,000 VND to 35,000 VND [normal price]. With its thick crust, it could be easy for transportation especial for exporting. Until now, Australia mangoes have been exported to several countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong (China) and Dubai (UAE). China is the biggest export market for now. They love the color and the big size fruit of it. Throughout the main road of the district, you can see many mango purchasing stations. They buy many types of mango but mainly Australia ones then transport it to the north of Viet Nam.

R2E2 mango in Cam Lam District Khanh Hoa Province
A part of mango tree with lots of mangoes

According to Mr Pham Huy Phuc living in Cam Hiep Bac town, Cam Lam district who is one of the first farmers dare to replace old mango types by australia mango ones. At the present, he has 1 hectare with about 200 mango tree. Under price range which fluctuates from 24,000 VND to 28,000 VND per kilogram, he got an approximate 320 million VND in revenue. Mr Phuc said: “After deduction of human, other fee for growing and take care processes such as water, fertilizer,  I got a bottom line about 220 million VND. Mango is easy for… Many other farmers like Mr Phuc came to ask him about how to have a good mango croptation.

Small newly mango trees

At the present, Cam Lam district has an area with approximately 4,000 hectare mango crop. Half of it is covered by ancient mango with low productive. Cam Duc, Cam Hai and Cam Thanh are three main mango town of the district.

Human life is with mango trees for a long time

If Cam Lam is mentioned as Khanh Hoa’s mango capital, then Cam Hai Tay town is a specialized area for mango crop of Cam Lam. Statistically, Cam Hai Tay contributed 25% mango crop area. Crucially, human life is a fusion between mango and human over many generations. Their life had relied on mango trees for a longtime ago. In the morning during harvest time, people crowd in garden and purchasing stations with lot of mango boxes. Yellow, green and pink colors the overall picture of mango harvest time in my hometown. And smile on their face also. In the noon, mango trees are good hidden places out of tropical hot sunlight. Our children are growing up with mango trees. Its images come into their dream via noon sleep on hammock in mango garden. Personally, I cannot forget the smoke smell of burned mango leaf when clearing the garden. Its smell brings me back to my childhood actually. After all, mangoes become not only our economic sources but our life image.

Noon in a ancient mango garden

Ms Tran Thi An, a member of farmer family which got 3 generation crop mango, said that she had 20 trees with several 70 year-old trees. It is called “ancient mango” which is local type. Each croptation, she got 2 tons of mangoes with a bottom line around 200 to 300 million VND. So her family can have a wealthy life.

Cam Lam mango tasted sweet typically which is not easy seen in other place without white sand, hot, sun and wind. With old poor croptation conditions, Cam Hai Tay mango could not be grown up effectively. Then, it could not bring something good for people life in returns. Meanwhile, outside mango come to beat local ones especially Thailand, the people have to take a look on what going on and replace old crop way with GAP – “Good agriculture practices” model. Basically, they hope a positive change will come after that. Least but not last, mango bring them a change in their life. Nowadays, they grow Cat mango, Tu quy mango, Ancient mango and Hoa Loc mango…

Mango main harvest lasts around 4 months from April to July each year. During this time, people are busy with harvest from switch mango off, transport it to purchasing stations then delivery to customers. This year, we got a good harvest, but lower price. Unripen ancient mangoes are sold out about 6,000 VDN per kilogram; ripen ones sold out about 4,000 VND. Income is not enough to cover the harvest fee, so people let ripen mango “yellow the trees” without take care of it. If you have change to come here in that time, you maybe shock about the impressive view of yellow mango fruit covering all trees along roads. With luck, you can take some of them yourself easily.

Ripen Canh nong mango. The one unique mango kind of Khanh Hoa province

Ancient mango trees have low economic benefit because of their high age. Besides that, drought happens many times, so it is harder for farmers in order to have good harvest like before. Several households decide to make a difference by switch into new mango types which could be strong enough with not good environment conditions. The rest wait and see what will happen, almost of them are not enough money for changing. When going to main harvest, mango “yellow” their tree with ripens fruit but nobody care. Because of excess quantities in comparison to demand of ancient mango, the got lower price when the mango ripen. Usually, green mangoes could be sold with higher price than yellow fellows. Green mangoes are easier to keep it in good condition than yellow ones. So, people think of a way to use ripen mango for longer by making mango bánh tráng. Gradually, mango bánh tráng become more popular and known as a delicious desert and especially when mango harvest over. People also use bánh tráng as a gift for relative which love to taste countryside smell. The demands for mango bánh tráng are growing up recently. You can see it in supermarket chains in big cities with the price around 70,000 VND.

Mango “bánh tráng”
Mango “bánh tráng” – Mangoes cake in plastic papers

Moreover, we can make other kinds of food with mango including mango juice, mixture of dried fish and bladed mango,…And if you have change stay in a local family, you can eat mango with Vietnamese sauces with little sugar and chilli. Omg! I can’t image it anymore!

Bladed green mango with sugar chilli sauce

It is absolutely true to say that mango is represented as a typical image of our hometown – Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province, Viet Nam. Our people, not only elder but also children can easily distinguish many kinds of mango. Childhood is with mango trees. Working life is with mango. Also, people get better life with mango even become rich. Though we still get touch with hard environment but Cam Lam continue be another image about sunny, sandy, windy Khanh Hoa province. Come with us, please never forget Cam Lam district to see and listen our hard but beautiful life with not only sea but mango tree. [Keeping smile]

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