SEAmangoes – Thương hiệu xoài ở Cam Lâm – Khánh Hòa – Việt Nam.

SEAmangoes – Brand name of Mangoes in Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam


Chúng tôi chuyên

  1. Cung cấp xoài tươi (Xoài Úc, Xoài Đài Loan, Xoài cát Hoà Lộc, Xoài Cát Bồ, Xoài canh nông, Xoài Tứ quý …) và các sản phẩm từ xoài gồm: bánh tráng xoài; xoài sấy; giấm xoài…
  2. Tổ chức tour tham quan vườn xoài Cam Lâm.
  1. Fresh mangoes; soft-dried mangoes and mango paper cake
  2. Ecotour in Cam Lam mango farm with unique rural experience

Hãy liên hệ với chúng tôi để cập nhật đơn hàng với các sản phẩm từ SEAmangoes qua:Contact us for more information:

  • Điện thoại di dộng | Phone: (+84) 944 544 345 (Whatsapp | ZALO)
  • Skype: nam.phuong.pham
  • Email:

About Australian mangoes:

The R2E2 mango variety was introduced from Australia in 2003 to Vietnam. A few years ago, Vietnamese farmers increased their production by almost 10 times due to the soaring demand from China. Since then, the R2E2 mango has become the most popular mango variety grown in central Vietnam. The size of the R2E2 mango is generally very big, 600-900 gram/piece, some weigh more than 1kg.The R2E2 mango with its small core, moderate sweetness and characteristic aroma, has become very popular among customers. One specialty about R2E2 mangoes is that they grow under hot sunny condition so their bacteria can be killed and the sunlight gives the fruits a very pretty and reddish color.Nowadays, consumers not only value the taste of the product, but also its appearance. People tend to like to buy products with various colors (red, orange, purple…) on the skin. Products are classed according to various grades based on the appearance and weight of the product.

The harvest season of R2E2 mangoes in Cam Lam, Vietnam lasts quite long, from March until October. Vietnamese farmers sell the mangoes directly after harvesting. The farmers often use two types of packaging, depending on customer requests. They have packages of 5kg per box or 20kg per plastic basket.

The best storage condition for mangoes is in an environment of 10-12 degree Celsius.

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